Too Much News…This Administration Will Not Wear Me Down

Too Much News…This Administration Will Not Wear Me Down


The hospitalization of the president overtook the news cycle this weekend. While I understand the importance of our government’s leader catching COVID-19, it isn’t the only important thing.



I missed it. I was waiting for the recordings of the Breonna Taylor grand jury proceedings to be released and I missed it because of the obsessive coverage of Trump. Come to find out, it was released three days ago AND turns out they excluded five hours of critical content from the released files (prosecutor recommendations and the jury deliberations).

Frankly, Donald Trump has made everything such a circus that issues of importance have a such a hard time breaking through….What stories have been important you that don’t get the air time they deserve?



On top of the media I was monitoring all weekend…I spent HOURS on the phone talking through Trump in the hospital, the implications of what it is going to mean for the campaign, our feelings about it, a gut check on our moral views, about COVID generally, and just round and round we go.



This is the world we live in right now. My stamina can run pretty thin, but I am committed to advocating for American democracy and social justice. I am motivated by my purpose: I exist to help others through breaking the silence with truth and empathy.


Still I rise.

Now it’s your turn. What is your mindset today? πŸ’―




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