Abortion: It’s Actually Pretty Basic

Abortion: It’s Actually Pretty Basic

Abortion. Here we go again…

Women Everywhere v. Alabama

Here we go. The inevitable abortion debate is in full swing again due to the fact that Alabama passed the most strict restrictions on abortion yet.  It’s basically an all-out ban.

Doctors go to prison for just under 100 years. Sounds reasonable #facepalm

It doesn’t even make an exception for rape or incest.  It also criminalizes performing the procedure. So, doctors can go to prison for up to 99 years.  Pretty crazy, right?

The most unproductive debate I ever have #abortion

I don’t like to delve into all of the reasons why I think abortion should be legal. I really don’t. It seems the debate quickly moves from calling abortion murder to a philosophical debate about when life begins to God’s will when it comes to pregnancy. Then, as we have all seen, the argument goes off the rails as people start arguing about God allowing women to be raped, God’s gift of free will and so on.  

Philosophical differences between us #quicklist

Here’s the deal:

  • They think abortion is murder. I don’t.  
  • They think pregnancy is God’s will. I don’t.  
  • They think pregnancy is a consequence for irresponsibility or choosing to not use birth control. I don’t.
  • They think abortion IS a problem. I don’t.
  • They think banning abortion will solve the ‘problem.’ I don’t.
  • They want the government to decide which reasons are valid for an abortion. I don’t.
  • They think abortions deny spirit babies a chance to come to Earth. I don’t.


I mean, we aren’t going to come together on these key things that fuel your fire. That debate clearly isn’t going anywhere. No amount of arguing is going to change the outcome because people can’t agree on the premise of the argument.    

You are talking about whether or not God exists. #whathappenedto #separationofchurchandstate

I’m trying to talk about abortion and about how the government doesn’t get to place laws on a woman’s body.

But then when the discussion gets going, it just feels like a debate about whether or not God exists. Asking the government to decide when life begins is asking the government to make a decision about what religious view is correct directly contradicting the principle of separation of church and state.

Stay in your lane, Uncle Sam #mybodymychoice

The role of the government is to create a society that allows people from opposing views to coexist peacefully.  The best course of action is for legislatures to stay completely out of it. The government should only deal with human beings that are outside of the womb.  Period. Anything going on inside someone’s body is up to that person and their doctor, not the government.

What you do for YOU is between you and your God.

Don’t use the government to force your values on people that don’t believe the way you do. It’s really just that simple.

Treat abortion just like every other religious issue.

  • If you think something is wrong, don’t do it.
  • Teach your kids not to do it.
  • Live your life according to your values.


I plan to do the same for me and my family. I believe that I am a free American who gets to make medical decisions for my body without your religious agenda factoring in. I will never support the government taking control of my body for any reason. Full stop.


For a reliable timeline on reproductive freedom cases decided by the Supreme Court:



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