What is Democracy?


What is democracy? How does a modern democracy function? Learn about the United States democratic government with this short educational video. I explain the different theories of democracy using real life examples you can see everyday!


3 Types of Democracy

  • Direct democracy – Utah ballot initiatives
  • Pluralism – NRA, NAACP and many other groups
  • Elite theory – dark money and ultra wealthy using many lever to impact the United States government


Election 2018 is coming up soon so brush up on your basic knowledge with this political science crash course!

I started Blue Mom Red State, my political blog, in response to the election on Donald Trump. The values that I hold dear are deteriorating right before my eyes and I want to do something about it. It’s important that all citizens reeducate themselves about all things government. By staying informed and voting in every single election going forward we can work together to save democracy!

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