Islamophobia in America


American Islamophobia seems to be on the rise. Why? Learn about Islam and you’ll see there is no reason to be afraid at all. In this video, I compare Islam and Mormonism to illustrate just how much the two religions have in common. The Muslim vs Mormon comparison is particularly interesting to me because I live in Utah where Mormonism is the most commonly practiced religion.

The Mormon Church has a radical sect called FLDS that, to this day, practices polygamy. Grown men marry children, there’s widespread sexual abuse and many cases of incest all done with the claim that they are practicing the purest form of Mormonism. Because of this sect, many people who don’t know about Utah or the LDS church have many misconceptions about the faith and people that live here.

Muslims are experiencing the same phenomenon right now. There is a tiny radical sect of Islam that spreads terrorism causing many Muslim misconceptions.

People of Utah should be more sympathetic to a Muslims plight than most people because us Utahans deal with many misconceptions of our own. We understand better than most that one bad apple can ruin it for everyone.

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