I’m Losing Sleep Over the CA Primary! Here are 3 Reasons Why

I’m Losing Sleep Over the CA Primary!  Here are 3 Reasons Why

3 things to know about the CA Primary:

  1. The current Congress isn’t checking the president. Democratic majority would change that.

As it stands right now, republicans hold both chambers of Congress. Republican leadership decides when it is appropriate to ‘check’ the president. They could protect Bob Mueller, block trade tariffs, investigate allegations of sexual abuse by the president, condemn racist/inappropriate tweets from the executive branch, conduct investigations into Russian interference, correct the record on the numerous lies from the executive branch and protect the DOJ from the numerous attacks from the president. But they don’t. This Congress has decided that moral leadership doesn’t matter. Many of the members of both parties are owned by special interest groups preventing them from speaking out on big issues. I believe if democrats could regain the majority in Congress the check and balance system would once again be in place.

2. Democrats need to flip a total of 23 seats nationwide. 7 of them are in

These 23 seats are in the House of Representatives. The House is made up of members from each state based on the states population. That’s why California has so many races compared to other western states. These 7 races could pave the way to more functional government. I would hope a democratic House would also do more to stop the destruction of our institutions by President Trump.

3. There’s a real chance dems get locked out of the general election.

Most primary elections are done within each party. For example, 4 republicans and 4 democrats are running for House District 20. A primary election is held within each party to select one person to move on to the general election. The general election is one republican vs democrat. California is different. The primary in California doesn’t separate the primaries by party. The top two finishers go to the general election regardless of party. It’s why you hear ‘jungle primary.’ There are so many democrats running in these races that they may split the vote and two republicans could win the top two slots shutting down any chance of flipping the seat.

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