What Sexism Looks Like Today

What Sexism Looks Like Today

I listened to a podcast this afternoon about an NFL cheerleader that was fired from the Saintsations for posting a picture on Instagram. She has since spoken out about the double standard that is held in sports organizations. The cheerleaders aren’t allowed to follow any players on social media, they cannot make eye contact with players while running down the tunnel, they can’t be seen anywhere with any players. If the cheerleader is at a restaurant and a player arrives at the restaurant, she has to leave. There are strict weight requirements along with requirements to have your nails manicured and a spray tan. The girls must pay for these things on their own while making minimum wage or slightly above that.

The players on the other hand don’t have any social media requirements. They can follow the cheerleaders if they choose and it is up to the women to block them. If she doesn’t block them, she is punished. A player can message a cheerleader. She is required to ignore or block them. A player can stand as close as they want to a cheerleader at a game, but she isn’t allowed to approach them. How can a standard like this possibly exist in 2018?

This interview blew my mind! The way she spoke about it was pretty interesting as well because you can hear how desensitized she is to the culture. This is a really explicit example of sexism, but there are plenty of subtle ones too.

For example, if a dad leaves work to care for a sick child he get applauded as a great father. If a woman leaves work to care for a sick child there is generally an annoyance among both male and female coworkers. ‘Oh this is why hiring moms is so inconvenient,’ kind of feeling.

So, just like racism, the symptoms are subtle a lot of times. Kind of like how there’s a lot more social pressure for women to look a certain way than men. Women are sluts for having sex and men are considered a ladies man. I guess my overall takeaway from the interview with this girl is that there is still work to be done. We just have to be willing to do it. I highly recommend listening to the podcast listed below.



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